Primary Tasks:

Concept Model, Competitive Analysis, Content Inventory, Site Map, Process Flow, Wireframes


Representatives of the UXD program want a microsite for the program separate from the departmental site. Analysis and user research had been performed by the client, and personas and other background documents were provided based on this research. To proceed to the next phase of this project, my team and I needed to better understand user needs, the competition, and begin to devise a content strategy.

Discovery Phase

At this stage of the project, my goal was to understand more about the needs of the site’s two main groups of users – current students and prospective students – as well as to understand how the competition was addressing the same problem, and how the UXD at KSU program compared to the competitions’ programs.

I analyzed the user research and personas to draft a concept model, initially through sketching before creating a more polished deliverable based on my final sketch.

Concept Model Sketch

Concept Model Deliverable

I then analyzed the programs – comparing features and content – from the University of Baltimore and Radford University, both of which are competitor sites, with comparable offerings to the UXD program at Kent State University. A competitive analysis was then presented as a spreadsheet with a column for each of the two competitor schools, and a third column comparing the current UXD Program section within the Information Architecture and Knowledge Management (IAKM) department site.

Competitive Analysis

Competitive Analysis Findings
  • Though the depth and breadth of the current site are good, more succinct content and more obvious hierarchy of information is needed
  • Provide more information about the people of the program, including faculty bios and a means of showing work, or reading about their experiences in or after the program
  • Add a FAQ section
  • Add a more prominent and less ad hoc main navigation
  • Label PDFs, Word Documents, etc.

Developing a Content Strategy

To develop a content strategy, a content inventory was taken on the current UXD site.

Based on the content inventory and concept map, and findings from the competitive analysis, I created a site map which went through several revisions as it was reviewed by the project team.

Site Map Sketch
Final Site Map

Imagining New Content

I proposed a feature for the new site that would collect stories/experiences from program alumnae. This “Share Your Story” feature would necessitate a means of collecting that information. I created a process flow chart to explain the details and flow of the interaction, and wireframes to detail what elements would be on each screen of the process that users would engage in during the submission of a story.

“Share Your Story” Process Flow Sketch
“Share Your Story” Process Flow Deliverable
“Share Your Story” Wireframe – Sketched
“Share Your Story” Wireframe